What to do and what to learn?

You want to learn something new, but what? Get the basic about a subject, but which one? Wanna have a new passion, but how to decide what to try? That where the ghost classes come in!

Every week, a new lesson will be posted here as a one-pager. The subject can go from how to how to read binary code to how to make bread, passing by the basic concerning fencing and how to read japanese! 

You’ll learn to a little bit of everything, just enough to get you started on the subject and, if you like it, to try it out yourself!

About the Artist

Hi there! To keep it simple: I’m just your friendly canadian artist!

Not a lot to say about me: I’m mostly self taught about drawing and programing and even if I draw a lot on paper, I’m still a long way to go and not a lot of my drawing are digitized.

I always liked learning thing and gathering new knowledge and that made me into a pretty good cook, reader, builder, woodworker and music player (with a piano, a harp and a ocarina). I’m also able to defend myself as a gardener, archer, tailor, fencer and i’m trylingual. 

The how and why is pretty simple: I love reading and i read a lot. That helped me accumulate a lot of knowledge about everything and nothing and gave me more than one passion!

 I hope you’ll learn something while you are here and that you’ll find yourself a passion in one of the lesson!

See you around!

Any idea for a lesson?

Feel free to write to ghostclasses@gmail.com if you have any idea you think should be put in a lesson or anything to report (bug, personal comment, etc…)! you can also use the contact form in Contact ! Either way, I’ll try to answer you as soon as I can!

Want to help the classes?

If you want to support the lessons, don’t hesitate to go on my Ko-Fi page ! You’ll be able there to help me keep Ghost Classes going and to make it better!

I will always put my lesson here on the website for free, but every support I can get help!